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      5. petrochina
        PetroChina > About PetroChina > Research and Development

        Technologies are researched and developed to promote green development and efficient utilisation of traditional fossil energy. As an energy provider, we are fully aware of the importance of energy conservation and strengthening technological innovation and application, advocating saving energy and seeking green development throughout the whole industry chain. We increase our efforts to develop natural gas to increase the proportion of clean fossil energy in the energy supply and consumption structure. We proactively change our growth pattern, and optimize business and product structure to improve energy efficiency.

        More efforts have been made to develop new energies for a diversified energy supply system. We regard new energies as an important strategic solution to energy and environmental challenges. Since 2006 when we started mass exploration and development of coalbed methane (CBM), we have after many years of research and practice developed a set of CBM exploration and development technologies that suit CBM storage and seepage. Meanwhile, we also strengthen exploration and development of tight gas, shale gas and oil sands and conduct industrialisation experiments and resource assessments of biodiesel, oil shale, gas hydrate and the like.

        PetroChina places a high premium on new energies development and consecutively established the National Shale Gas Development Centre and the PetroChina Fuel Ethanol Research and Development Centre to speed up R&D of shale gas and nonfood fuel ethanol. Meanwhile, the Company continued to deepen industrial testing and resource evaluation of bio-diesel, oil shale and oil sands and conduct research on utilisation of geothermal energy and water soluble gas.

        Every year, the company selects a group of excellent managers and key technicians and sends them to reputable universities and training agencies at home and abroad to participate in training in foreign languages, international business, business administration, law and other specialties. This broadens their international vision and increases their competence in international operations so that they can grow in all respects.

        During the 12th Five-year Plan, PetroChina is still at a crucial stage of developing itself into an international energy company. We will focus on scientific development, accelerate the transformation of our development pattern, and ensure harmony and stability. To this end, we will adhere to our business strategies, in developing foreign and domestic markets and using foreign and domestic resources, with the main oil and gas businesses at the top of the agenda. We will fully use our comparative advantages, push forward restructuring and optimisation, technology and management innovation, environmental protection and energy conservation, and put emphasis on securing and improving livelihood, so as to enhance international competitiveness and sustainability and achieve stable, fast and balanced growth.

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